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Creating the good life starts from within, by aligning more and more with your essential self.
As you align, you see yourself more clearly, and your choices lead to greater fulfillment.

We offer support and encouragement, practical tips, and insights to help you along this path.
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Advising Sessions: In a personal session you outline the issues, and we work together until you have the solutions, support, and resources you need to move forward. A session usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Fee: $225 per session (+$45 if we come to you).

On-Going Advising: Meeting with you and/or your group. Fee: $100 per hour (+$45 if we come to you).

The Good Life Line: Bite-sized advising, perfect for issues that happen in daily life and for regular check-ins during a growth period. Fee: $1.50 per minute by phone or email.

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"Beth and Eric are gifted with deep knowledge of human psychology and energy intuition, effectively facilitating your integration and transformation in a very loving, compassionate and concentrated way."
Mingtong Gu, Qigong Master

"Their way of working makes it possible for me to see myself in the best, most kind light, and that by itself is transformative."
Leslie Nipps, Change Work Practitioner

"Beth and Eric understand issues clearly and bring explicit, practical, encouraging and actionable guidance to making positive change."
Tiffany Mitchell, Coach


Beth & Eric

Beth and Eric

Eric Storm & Beth Meredith

Extensive Experience - Over the past 4 decades we've had hands-on experience running a wide variety of businesses and organizations including non-profits and start-ups. We've worked with solo entrepreneurs and leaders to cultivate the awareness and skills they need to transform visions into realities and develop a healthy life-work balance.

Compassionate & Insightful - We use a range of tools as well as our honed intuition to get to the heart of what is going on. We marry this with compassion and a deep respect to create a safe space for change and growth.

Grounded Creatives - We see creativity as an integral part of addressing challenges in elegant and life affirming ways. We bring this quality to everything we do.

Lived Values - Throughout our work we have strived to live our ideals and to explore with others what it means to create the good life.

"I feel validated, heard, adored, supported, enriched and empowered
to live my best possible life, in a style that suits me.
I can't recommend Create the Good Life enough!"

~ Marni Jade Evans, Sustainability Consultant



Beth Meredith & Eric Storm


P.O. Box 534, Petaluma, CA 94953

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